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My favorite type of mens watches

my favorite watch

For people out there who have for their own wristwatches, you guys can say all day long that your watch is the best. However, I think that when it comes to the subject of what is the best mens watch for you or what type of wristwatch you prefer, each person will have for his own definition of a good product.

My own definition of a good mens watch is the one with great timekeeping ability by which the watch will miss no more than a few minutes a year. And it will also need to have one or two of the most basic features such as water resistance at at least 100m, and additional chronographs. Those are the main things that I will look for in a new timepiece.

Another thing that I think you will need to know also is that there will never be something like a perfect watch. Because it’s really hard to define the word “perfect” here. So, don’t waste your time and money seeking for such product. Instead, I highly recommend you take a look at the product series of the world’s most famous brands such as Timex, Tag Heuer, Omega, etc.

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2 main types of watch movements

the watch movement

When it comes to the topic of buying a new mens watch, you have to understand that in order to pick up a good one, the most important feature you will have to take a look at is the watch movement. Why? Because it’s the main part that will keep the whole engine working and the watch keeping time for you. If the watch movement is unreliable or simple broken, your watch will stop working altogether.

There are basically 2 types of watch movements. And they’re the Quartz movement and the Automatic movement. The automatic movement works based on the motions of your arm. That means when you move your arm, the watch will be charged with energy to keep it working throughout the day. Automatic watch movement is not as reliable in timekeeping comparing to the Quartz movement.

The Quartz movement if often powered by a battery. And you will have to replace the battery occasionally in order to keep the watch working. The main advantage of Quartz watches is the precision in time keeping and they have many great styles for you to choose from.

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How to buy mens watches – a short guide

buying new mens watches

There is a truth about buying new mens watches. And it says that in order to pick up the best watch possible, you will have to spend some time to learn about the basic stuff and spend money on actually buying the product. If you’ve spent money on your old watch before, you will know that a new wristwatch is not a cheap investment.

If you’re not careful, you will burn up your hard earned money and never have the cash again to buy another one. So, make sure you know what you’re doing and where to turn to when it comes to buying the watch. You can visit many local shops on the streets or visit the online retailers such as Amazon to know more about the product first.

And remember one thing, if you really want to buy a new watch, make sure you ask your friends or colleagues or anyone you know who has the watch you’re trying to buy. They will give you useful information about the products first hand and you can piggy back on it to your advantages.

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Choosing jewelries and diamonds for women

diamonds for women

Now when you have chosen the type of jewellery you are buying for your beloved the next thing which will strike in your mind is the price of the ring. If it doesn’t then you must be having billions or millions in your bank account yearly. Price of the diamond ring or diamond jewellery is high because of diamond’s popularity and also its rareness.

Diamond is found at only number of places throughout the globe that means it is a rare element. Once the diamond is treated and provided with good number of cuts and shape then it shins a lot because it reflects maximum of the light rays falling on it. A treated diamond easily grabs the attention of the party.

You can estimate the price of the diamond ring or jewellery by simply estimating the price of the diamond because in the complete jewellery it is the diamond which is costing high. Price of the diamond depends on following factors.

Shape – you should decide the shape of the diamond enclosed within the jewellery. If the shape is unique then its price will be high. You can go for the general shapes like round, rectangle or square if you want to buy cheapest one.

Size – size of the diamond will also matter. Once you are demanding for bigger diamond then you should be ready to pay high price.

Color – natural diamonds are colorless but still it is found in many colors. These days’ special treatments also change the colors of the diamond easily. The most special and costlier color is the pink which is very rarely found.

Number of cuts – more the number of cuts more the diamond will shine and more will be its price.

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Finding jewelries the right ways


Every woman wants to have a diamond ring or any other jewellery on special occasion like engagement or marriage but it becomes very hectic for men to find the perfect diamond jewellery and that too at price which they can afford.

The diamond jewellery is best gift for such occasions because diamond is a very rare element and thus costlier. It reflects the true and deep love and caring which you have for her and it also shows that you can buy anything for her happiness. These are the reasons behind the popularity of the diamond rings and other jewelries.

When you go in the market and start looking for some diamond jewellery than you will find lots of options these days. Due to the increasing competition more and more jewelers are available in the market and they are working hard to get their customers. Due to this you will find lots of options and designs comfortably in the market.

Once you are in the market you first choose what kind of jewellery you will buy for your lady. The jewellery should be chosen as per her requirements and the type of dress which she will wear on the occasion. If the occasion is the engagement then diamond ring is the best one and you can buy it without thinking long.

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